Kate is an educator, a mentor, guidance counselor and a friend. Over the past 12 years I have relied on Kate’s expertise on post-secondary planning, financial aid sourcing, career planning, and helping me identify and develop my professional skill set. She has given advice that has shaped the person I am and asked important questions on my journey to becoming an educator. I am grateful for her continued support on both a professional and personal level. ~ Mathew C. (Teacher & experiential educator)

Welcome to Kate Knight Consulting

Photo of Kate KnightI am passionate about the opportunity education provides young people to learn about themselves and the people they wish to become in their world. Our planet faces incredible challenges and our collective future will rest in the hands of today’s youth. I believe in the power of their potential and want to engage with them to build the tools they will need to serve as successful twenty-first century leaders.

Students often wonder “what really comes next after high school, how do I decide what direction is right for me”? Parents worry about which pathway their children will choose, wanting to ensure that their kids realize their potential as well as their dreams. Choices about universities, colleges, academic programs, and careers can seem overwhelming.

Where do you even begin?
I provide specialized knowledge and support for students and parents as they consider post-secondary plans. My approach is personalized; I work with each student as an individual to develop unique strengths, understand and set goals, and find the right “fit” to achieve success.

I welcome the opportunity to help you learn about your competencies and provide needed assistance in planning your future. My goal is to assist you in your transition to this next important life stage and find the best environment for you to feel comfortable, inspired, and ready to change your own corner of the world!

Kate is a gifted communicator; she has an unparalleled ability to read, reach and inspire youth. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kate for 8 years. During this time she has played an active role in supporting my emotional and academic development. She invests in the character of her students and sees the individual holistically. With Kate’s tutelage, I learned to see myself as an active agent in my pursuits. I gained a greater appreciation of consequences. I recognized the importance of heralding my own choices and wielding my own future. I gained self-awareness. In my experience, Kate yields positive results because she believes in the individual. She openly acknowledged my strengths while coaching me to be resilient. Kate expected that I would grow. She is realistic and supportive. She fosters growth and development. I would estimate that any student or professional will benefit from Kate’s guidance and tutelage. I have known students struggling who have made major gains with Kate’s support. I have also seen successful adults gain maturity and insight from Kate’s influence. I am very grateful for all her support. ~ Christine (current non-profit manager)

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